Why Shoes Should Stop Being a Neglected Part of the Men’s Wardrobe?

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Shoes are a neglected part of the wardrobe by men because a lot of them have a very utilitarian approach when it comes to shoes and don’t care much for the style. But from my experience, it seems like women are far more likely to notice your shoes than your fancy watch or even your nice suit.

Personally speaking, I approach fashion like this: I get good clothes and shoes that suit my lifestyle and that are fashionable but truth is that everything about you matters, including your outward appearance and even your shoes. Shoes shouldn’t be neglected by men in their wardrobes because;

Women Are Drawn To Stylish Shoes: I suspect it’s because women love shoes. I’m sure most of us know at least one woman who is absolutely gaga over shoes. They really don’t know much about suits, watches, ties, dress/business shoes etc. But most of them will have many pairs of shoes. The average man might have 2 or 3 pairs.

This may seem obvious to some people, but I never truly realized how much women pay attention to shoes. Pretty much every day, I get compliments on my shoes and 75% of the time, its women and 50% of the women are strangers.

Shoes Represent Attention To Detail: Many people still agree that you can tell a lot about a guy by the shoes he wears which actually makes sense as there still an inherent bias that men are less detail-oriented than women; that they only care about a good combo of shirt, jacket, and trousers.

Quality Shoes Are A Spending Priority: Let’s accept it that people judge people all the time. Some like to base judgments on your spending but if a normal guy with a regular job can show off a pair of high-quality shoes it tells his peers that he’s got his spending priorities straight. We all have a right to buy whatever we can use to improve ourselves, and a right to enjoy a nice reward with our hard-earned money.

Shoes Help You Look Sharp From Head To Toe:  Choosing great shoes will make people see you as a completely stylish guy and if you want to make that happen you will not necessarily need a brand new pair. Start with something simple like using a nice shoe cream or polish to enhance the color of your shoes and give them a sleek finish.

Shoes Indicate Your Status: Shoes have always been a significant part of people’s status throughout history. They have been known to indicate or represent wealth especially in different forms of media and literature, for instance, even the oldest ones like ancient Egypt. Slaves would go barefoot while common Egyptian citizens wore sandals made from woven papyrus.

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