Learn How to Make an Egg Facial Mask: SAVE MONEY NOW

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When you think about eggs, what comes to mind? Maybe baking a cake, or chickens on the farm? How about beauty?

Did you know that a lot of skin products often contain eggs? Reason being that egg whites contain collagen and proteins, which can tone and tighten your skin and manage pesky wrinkles. Egg whites also work like an astringent to clean your pores.

Beauty products don’t come cheap, so you can save thatmoney by making homemade face masks at your own convenience. ​We won’t lie though, it does get a little messy! One way to avoid extra mess is to skip the business of cracking eggs, and you can also avoid any potential bacteria by picking up pre-packaged and pasteurized egg whites, such as Pristine Liquid Egg.

(Remember, these Do-It-Yourself/DIY recipes could collect bacteria if they are left out sitting for long, so use it while it’s fresh!)

Here is a simple facemask recipe that could help with acne or wrinkles and add moisture and shine to your skin:

Mix 1 ounce egg white
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of lemon

Beat the egg white until it begins to stiffen, and then mix in the lemon and honey. Apply it to your skin, leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Easy-peasy.

Egg yolks – the golden part – can also be a beauty product. Did you know that egg yolks contain all sorts of vitamins (A, B, D) and minerals like zinc that can help add more moisture and shine to your hair and help it grow faster? People have been using egg yolks to strengthen their hair for centuries.

You can make your own hair conditioner at home by mixing Pristine liquid egg yolks, which offer a pre-packaged and pasteurized option, together with a little lemon juice (this just helps with the smell). Some recipes suggest adding other ingredients that can benefit your hair,like honey, olive oil, mashed avocado or also egg whites to the mix. Mix it up until it gets a bit frothy and then apply to your hair. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then wash it off.

Similar concoctions are sold as hair and skin products for a lot of money, but you can give your hair and skin the nutrition it needs at home. Just by applying Eggs!

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