Interview with Fashion & Celebrity Stylist Solomon Tazibone

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Celebrity Stylist, Style Blogger and TV host Solomon Tazibone started professional Styling 2 years ago in addition to  style blogging and being a TV host. He has worked on celebrities like Vinka, Nina Roz, Irene Ntale and Winnie Nwagi. Fashionpit UG ‘s Sipho Nyiiro caught up with him and he opened up about his life as a Celebrity Stylist including his experience working with the legendary Sylvia Owori at NTV.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a personal, editorial and celebrity fashion stylist. Kredibility Styling which was birthed two years ago is my labour of love. I am a style blogger ( and TV host on The NTV Style Project. Fashion is my happy place.

How did you get started working as a celebrity fashion stylist?
Styling is something I hadn’t initially intended to engage in as a profession but it gradually grew on me all through the time I worked as a fashion intern and production designer under one of Uganda’s leading fashion houses.

What do you think is the most essential item in every woman’s wardrobe?
The most essential Item in every woman’s wardrobe should be the little black dress.

What trends do you love right now?
As a stylist, I pay so much attention to accessories; they are to clothes what salt is to food. Right now I am loving the return of the retro tiny sunglasses, berets, industrial belts and the fanny packs.

What’s the best style advice you’ve received?
“Use clothing as a weapon to get what you want out of life”

How do you choose what looks work for each individual client?
Usually clients approach me with pictorial references or inspiration. I then use these references to create custom ensembles for them. I usually tweak the ideas that they share with me to create looks that embody their personality and most importantly; flatter them.

You helped to work on designs for Vinka, Nina Roz, Irene Ntale and Winnie Nwagi. Is it difficult to style such famous celebrities?
It wasn’t difficult working with my female celebrity clientele because styling is my forte. I am always looking forward to the next project and always go the extra mile artistically.

The girls you style are often having an afro urban look, is that a personal signature of yours?
Lately, most of my clients have wanted to take the afro urban direction, which I love but it’s not a personal signature of mine. As a stylist I believe your aesthetic should be diverse because not all your clients will want the same concept. You have to challenge yourself to master as many themes or concepts. That’s how you build credibility.

What’s the Favorite look that you’ve styled?

Favorite look I have styled was the 90s pop inspired look on Vinka for her love doctor video and promo shoot.
It went viral as the internet likened it to Cardi B’s finesse look.
Vinka is an absolute sensation and I always enjoy styling her. She makes my work so easy.



What’s one thing you’d never put your client in?
I would never put my clients in mediocre quality Chinese knock offs. I believe they cheapen even ones personality.

You’ve dressed many celebrities. Do you ever get nervous if a look you put together doesn’t get a great response?
Well, I never really get nervous if a look I put together doesn’t get a great response because the clients are always very involved in the process of putting the look together. Most times the ideas are usually theirs. I just modify these ideas to suit the clients.

Please, tell us about your experience working with Sylvia Owori on the “NTV Style Project”.
I enjoyed working with Sylvia Owori on The NTV Style project. I had been working with her way before the show’s inception so it was smooth sailing. Also it was the first time on TV for the both of us so we learnt a great deal from each other.

Any advice for those looking for a personal stylist?
To all those looking for a personal stylist, find someone who is going to challenge you to experiment and step out of your comfort zone.

If you are always in agreement over your style choices, then they are probably not the right stylist for you. You need to make the right style choices and a professional who is going to guide you through the process. That professional is me. lol

PHOTO CREDIT: Drama Duncans

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